Attachments And Detachments

If something interesting coronavirus has brought us, it’s having known how to expose two of our most interesting emotions, attachments and detachments, where nothing can express them better than the possibility of losing what we love and appreciate. Attachments express the value that a person, a relationship, knowledge, a place or a thing, among many […]

Calculated Reciprocity

Look who I came to learn this interesting concept from, orangutans. Reading online I found this gem “the orangutans, unlike any other known species, apart from humans, are capable of ‘calculated reciprocity’, which involves tracking the exchange of goods between two individuals over time”. Wow! how many interesting things we can learn from the wonderful […]

Golden Rule Of Economics – Altruistic Selfishness

Utility comes from using, taking advantage of something in order to get a result, which, at the same time, turns out to be beneficial. We are alive beings, as selfishly altruistic, both qualities, always have to be together although, sometimes, for some reason, human beings haven’t known very well what to do with that bipolar […]

The Silence

This experience that is the little virus, as I call it, has made us live; it’s given us a really good lessons, which taken advantage of, can even allow us to increase our intelligence. If in fact still being alive isn’t it. I don’t get tired of saying this, what I learned from Jorge Wagensberg, […]

Encounter With The Unexpected

This pandemic has given us everything ,since it’s not a lot what we can do outside, we have found ourselves in the position to look from within “Stay home” order demanded us to give the sight another job, look from within and wow! we have found the unexpected and with that, for some reason, we […]

The Origin

When the idea of creating a platform to support entrepreneurs and people in their homes to know how to manage your assets efficiently came up, we understood the complex dimension of the meaning of those we call assets. To begin with assets are a set of goods rights and services owned by a company, corporation, […]

History Makes Us Suggestions

Looking over history, the primitive man, as many children, didn’t know or handled money, their needs and wishes were fulfilled by barter. It was not an easy task, generally they get through holy limitations “I like your iPad. And I like your ball sign by James. Yes, but dad won’t let us trade” The concept […]

Change Already Started

If you have ever played Sudoku or tried to, you have noticed the importance that every number has to complete the sequence in solidarity, there’s none more important than the other. Life is like Sudoku, we have to learn to team up preserving our own identity and understanding the value of having a common purpose, […]


Barter, the act of bartering, exchanging something that you own and that you are not using, for something someone else has and doesn’t use either, what they have is useful for me, what I have is useful for them. Mutual relationship where the two parts win, without having to use money as an intermediary, which […]



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