Attachments And Detachments

If something interesting coronavirus has brought us, it’s having known how to expose two of our most interesting emotions, attachments and detachments, where nothing can express them better than the possibility of losing what we love and appreciate. Attachments express the value that a person, a relationship, knowledge, a place or a thing, among many other possibilities have for those who feel the attachment and fear of losing these relationships: detachment.

Why are those emotions so important, the reason is obvious, they are attached to the possibility of guaranteeing our survival and the quality of it? It’s like fills us with fear, uncertainties and insecurities regarding the immediate and distant future. With human relationships we perceive those attachments and detachments as obvious; the womb, without wish we wouldn’t survive even a year, the hugs that transmit affection and security to us although, their absence doesn’t prevent us from living, it puts in your soul important bonds of trust that allows us to predict that life and its quality, knowledge acquires value with time and it’s the perfect co-assistant to know how to decide what does convey us to decide in a certain moment and increase survival.

I put aside relationships with things, although they are still important, a warm blanket in a cold night guarantee us not to die of cold, a fruit tray replaces the breast, a fridge preserves the food over time, a book keeps nutrients for the soul of knowledge, clothes and a hat protect us from burning our skin do to the effects of the radiant sun, a stove puts a good soup at our body temperature. There with you can be infinite compared to the value of things. Not to mention what things mean, their properties, assets, to support a family, company, no matter how small or large.

Taking care of things and assets are a signal of wanting to guarantee their important value for personal, familiar or business survival. To start recognizing the importance of generating positive attachments with our assets has to be an important task in the daily life. Raising the levels of awareness about the value they represent in the quality of life is going to allow us to evaluate them in order to take decisions about their acquisition, care, maintenance and conservation, and what better than our platform LeSIGA to help us do it and so allow us to recognize the value of our attachments and the moment of detachments.

Of course, we mustn’t exaggerate and put some of those attachments above the value of our other relationships, with the family, with the manager of our companies, with the workers. Knowing how to discern, in this regard, is the key to good living.



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