Barter, the act of bartering, exchanging something that you own and that you are not using, for something someone else has and doesn’t use either, what they have is useful for me, what I have is useful for them. Mutual relationship where the two parts win, without having to use money as an intermediary, which favors the reuse of assets so that they continue providing a benefit. This smart behavior was already used by men in the Neolithic and our natives. From early times, they realized that the wealth produced by work could exceed private or family consumption, and it is precisely that intelligence that makes it appear that wasting is not a good idea, perhaps, instead o throwing away, it’s better exchanging the product of some jobs for others. History of mankind has a lot of examples to show. Not everyone can dedicate to do everything, and that’s how the concept of “division of labor” shows up, generating with this diversity many options for wealth.

Have we ever thought that, although we are already in the 21st century, we continue to produce and/or acquire, with the earned salary or profits produced by capital and labor, consumer goods, which, for job change reasons, or because our functions and dreams change, stop giving us the utility that gave them reason for being acquired, and occupy a place in the house, factory or office, becoming surplus without utility, as in the Neolithic?

What would happen if we went back to the intelligent behavior of our ancestors?

LeSIGA has a way of reusing the intelligence of the ancestors, which, surely, has a lot to do with the fact that today, the human species, still exists.



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