The Silence

This experience that is the little virus, as I call it, has made us live; it’s given us a really good lessons, which taken advantage of, can even allow us to increase our intelligence. If in fact still being alive isn’t it. I don’t get tired of saying this, what I learned from Jorge Wagensberg, a living being is a real object of the universe that has a weird property and it’s always looking to maintain independence from uncertainty. If we’re still alive we have so far, we found the answer.

Isolation has made as quietly think, we have persisted, even alone, looking for answers. Every sunset, with its beautiful shades of blue, came to remind us that we have done right, we’re still alive, and that’s why we deserve a break and hope with illusion for another day. And here is a magnificent lesson to learn. Silence doesn’t implicate being out of ideas, out of words and paralyzed, in fact, it’s a great opportunity to discover new languages and new doings.

Silence has invited me to think about those things that don’t have a voice, assets, those that, because of the same pandemic, remain useless for anybody, in a warehouse shelf or inside a drawer. Some of them have the opportunity to show up in an Excel list, quieter than itself, although, even accountants feel that they’re not currently worth talking to, the economy is stopped and there are no accounts to be brought to. Thinking about it, maybe it’s time to give them a word, start thinking about that new language, which, if we learn how to use when we get over the difficulties, we can establish a valuable dialogue with them, and so, take advantage of the challenges that are required to reduce lost and difficulties that this pandemic provoked in a safety and agile way.

Let’s ask LeSIGA to teach us, let’s go to its website, follow its requests and, as little kids in virtual classes, let’s learn how to upload assets that we have at home, let’s talk to them, safely, we can even make some money, bartering and, when we get back to work, to our offices, warehouses and industrial plants, we could establish with the assets that we had to let alone and quiet, dialogues that are capable of showing us how to get back our loss and difficulties and restore, in an efficient and effective way, our wealthiness.

When we get back to work, to the company, to the warehouse, to the plant, we call them by their name, we look for them where they are, we’d know in what condition they are, who is its custodian, and so, they’ll come to serve us happily.



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