Golden Rule Of Economics – Altruistic Selfishness

Utility comes from using, taking advantage of something in order to get a result, which, at the same time, turns out to be beneficial. We are alive beings, as selfishly altruistic, both qualities, always have to be together although, sometimes, for some reason, human beings haven’t known very well what to do with that bipolar quality, as a psychiatrist would say. In some moment of our story as humanity, that mutual relationship between both words broke like a raisin, sometimes, with love and although they were made to me together, humanity decided to transform the word utility in treasuring, keeping, hiding, neglecting, the altruistic part of utility was lost.

The stories that I really liked to read in my childhood for its secret codes that I perceived, or as I said, sensed, were hidden in them, come to my mind. From the pirate tales I remember that they raided the ships that transported goods produced in a place to sell them in another place where they were not produced and, in the other way, they returned with other goods that were not produced where they were going, the altruistic selfishness of which I spoke earlier. Pirates broke the rule, they didn’t produce to exchange, they only wanted to treasure and, to avoid losing what they stole, buried it in secret islands and made maps to find them again once the risks caused by those who sought to recover them disappeared. Many treasures were buried, lost, useless, their reason to exist.

Nowadays and “unintentionally wanting” (“sin querer queriendo”) as El Chavo del Ocho would say, we also, without being conscious about it, keep burying and losing treasures, that’s right, we do the same with our personal assets, so as our company assets, we leave them forgotten in a warehouse or broken, without knowing they are, we forget its noble and double function: being useful, producing result. Forgotten and neglected, they lost its sense as the valuable hidden pirate treasures buried in a secret island.

It’s time to rescue the forgotten treasures that some assets are, give them the utility that gives it their reason for being, or allow them to offer it to someone who may be needing it, through a barter exercise. To rescue our personal and business treasures, assets, is to put their usefulness back into play, is to restore the economy golden rule, altruistic selfishness, taking advantage of LeSIGA to take our hidden treasures back to life, making a map with our platform that allows us to find them, use them, share them, and avoid losing the wealthiness they represent.



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