Encounter With The Unexpected

This pandemic has given us everything ,since it’s not a lot what we can do outside, we have found ourselves in the position to look from within “Stay home” order demanded us to give the sight another job, look from within and wow! we have found the unexpected and with that, for some reason, we are so scared of it. The unexpected surprises, and a lot of times we are not even ready, although it can even bring us joy.

Not everything has gone wrong. Forgotten objects, found emotions, memories that, for playing hide and seek, were left behind in a picture, a toy, a book, an old wooden horse, the quinceañera dress, the wedding dress. Nobody wanted to take them out of its hiding place, or the countdown was over and we had to go and play another game, that’s what society demanded.

The surprise that rediscovering emotions cost, memories and objects gave us something to do. Maybe that object can be used by someone else, bartering is not such a bad idea. Rarely, we start thinking about that forgotten object and how can keep its value, somebody can be needing it urgently and it will allow me to discover the goodness that is hidden in the looks that are always focused outside. What a good time to look from within, yes, from within ourselves, within our family, within social and corporate organizations, within the planet.

This pandemic has turned into an opportunity that life gives us, to show that nothing exists just because, everything has a function, meets a need. The wooden horse fulfills a valuable function, letting the kid play to feel how it feels to ride through the world’s loin, discover how big it is and, at the same time, show us that’s what we are, riders willing to discover the great strength that constitutes our identity, a need that is vital for us.

The wedding dress can be that thing that a bride is dreaming to put on to go and say yes to the man she loves, and start a new future working together to make of that new union, something with sense that can be defined as a common purpose, the fundamental reason of love, wow! how much wealth without value we can find in a locked deposit, this is the perfect moment to let the unexpected give us life lessons.

Have you thought about all that, for looking outside you left forgotten and it still has a lot of value, if not for you, for another person? This pandemic it’s waking our generosity, our solidarity, our empathy for each other. Unexpected has its charm.



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