Change Already Started

If you have ever played Sudoku or tried to, you have noticed the importance that every number has to complete the sequence in solidarity, there’s none more important than the other. Life is like Sudoku, we have to learn to team up preserving our own identity and understanding the value of having a common purpose, apart from the individual value. In some way barter is somewhat alike, an army of fun and generous collaboration. I have something unique that sometime was important and in gratitude of the utility that it provided to me in a certain moment, it would be good to find it an important place in someone else’s need. That is the function of barter.

Technologic platforms can be transformed in a board where we play to exchange in mutual benefit, to create relational capital, an option to show the spirit of collaboration that is intrinsic in every living being, in every human being. Bartering is like rehearsing the creation of a new “stock exchange”

I have something saved that can be useful, you have something saved that can be useful to me, let’s take advantage of the opportunity to strengthen our solidarity traits and reciprocity. Bartering is not an exchange of equivalent like it happens in the other stock exchange, no. It’s an exchange that favors mutual help. Bartering has implicit mystic, they are pacts of solidarity between those who want to see the value of those new attitude changes that’s the new times are proposing, getting back to what we are, humans.

Some doors were closed, but we can open up new ones that allow us to get reciprocate benefit from that valuable thing that we have saved and it’s not useful anymore, and if you’re in that position let’s barter them. Let’s take advantage of the generous collaborative attitude and let’s make it fun. You are invited to play.



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